Buddha   Figure

Porcelain is one of Chinese ancient inventions which entered international market in Tang Dynasty and is sold east to Japan as well as west to India, Persia even Egypt.  For a long time porcelain has a high reputation in the world like silk and Chinese tea. Being important in international trade porcelain has contributed well to economic and cultural intercourse between China and the world.

 The Chinese government in feudal age advocated Buddhism extremely to solidify their kaiserdom. The majority of the porcelain statues are Buddhist characters including Kwan-yin, Buddha, arhats and etc. Besides them there are some divinities of folk religions and some historic celebrities like Libai the famous poet in Tang Dynasty. 

White glazed Damo  statue

 Kwan-yin details


ivory glazed Wenchang statue

Ming Dynasty

an elder on crane and beer

Ming Dynasty

a white porcelain statue of Guan Emperor

Qing Dynasty

a blue-white statue of Zhongli

Ming Dynasty

drug king Wangmiao statue

Song Dynasty