This statue figures kwan-yin crossing sea on a lotus flower. Coiling hair he wears a piece of cloth on head long to shoulder. He has chubby check of ellipse, a cunning nose and a cherry mouth with eyes slightly closed. Wearing a long dress with bag-sleeves he arches both arms inside the sleeves. Round shoulders and slim figure under the dress we can tell the elasticity of his skin from the plump shape of the left part of the dress. The lap of his dress is turnup aweather. One foot shows up under the long dress as he stands on the floating lotus flower with a surge of wave surround it.

Dehua kiln white porcelain kwan-yin statue


With the development of sculpture accomplishment there appeared some skillful craftsman in Dehua. Chaozong He is a crackajack representation on Buddha figures making in Dehua. These are some works of him.

white glazed cross-legged kwan-yin Dehua kiln white porcelain mother kwan-yin  celadon kwan-yin Dehua kiln white porcelain kwan-yin  Dehua kiln white porcelain sedentary kwan-yin 

There are a variety of styles in Kwan-yin statues like ¡®Sallow Kwan-yin¡¯ with a bottle containing a piece of sallow in hand, ¡®Reading Kwan-yin¡¯ sitting on a rock reading sutra, ¡®Playing Kwan-yin¡¯ rambling on five-colored cloud, ¡®Floating Kwan-yin¡¯ seated on a lotus floating, ¡®Weide Kwan-yin¡¯ contemplating with a lotus in hand, ¡®Longevity Kwan-yin¡¯ wearing a coronet, ¡®Mother Kwan-yin¡¯ with a baby in arms, ¡®Pilgrimaging Kwan-yin¡¯ putting palms together, ¡®Zhongbao Kwan-yin¡¯ with left hand on bending knee and right hand towards ground, three-eye and eighteen-hand ¡®Zhunti Kwan-yin¡¯ with some Buddhism implements in hand and etc.. Kwan-yin is a Bodhisattva of Buddhism introduced in China from India in ¡®sixteen countries¡¯ period in Dong Jin Dynasty. His former gender was male then turned into female after Song Dynasty. Kwan-yin was apotheosized as the spirit full of grace, salvation and vouchsafing babies to couples who went deep into the people¡¯s hearts in Ming Dynasty. This kwan-yin statue of Mr He was visualized in middle age and figured as elegant and kind. Without any strong color or decoration it shows an aesthetic temperament of elevation and amiability thus it was regarded as a treasure. 

Dehua kiln white porcelain Panlong kwan-yin Dehua kiln white porcelain sedentary kwan-yin decorated celadon kwan-yin Dehua kiln white porcelain kwan-yin white porcelain figure of uddha