In his early years, Mr.Li begins to learn an artistic skill
of making the redware pots from a very famous teacher in Yixing. His works are very simple and unsophisticated depending on his unusual understanding about the artistics
of the redware pots as well as his accomplishments. As a result, he becomes a very famous artist of the redware pots in Taiwan.
  The pots he made require purity, tradition and the smell of human culture. The work, " the square and tall pot", is very memorable to all the people because of its decoration skill on the pot, such as trailing and applique which are the techniques of the Ming Dynasty.
  His works are very different from others in the color of sand, which is not caused by the color of pottery clay but is made through the change of the fire in the kiln. For example, his work"Pear Peel Sand Pot" is made of "zisha" and red earth through the reducing firing in the kiln. The change of fire in the kiln makes the red earth produce a kind of effect that the purple clouds are rising. His another work, " a pot with a handle" presents a kind of artistic dream of flame and color because the darkness and lightness of red and purple are partly hidden and partly visible.


戡FFurnace Transmutation"Pear Peel Sand Pot"
擒FFurnace Transmutation"Footed Pot Made by Coarse Sand"
曄"Jade Belt Pot"
∠ Slip Trailing"Square Heat Transfer Pot"
⊥ "Jade Belt Pot with a Persimmon-shaped Lid"
⌒ "a Pot with a Handle"