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Collection of artistic porcelain plates

  With the improvement of people' living standard, artistic plates play an important role in decorating houses and environment. Since 1985, I have collected more than 2500 artistic porcelain plates. The following is my view on collection of such plates.
  Artistic porcelain plate is not only a special kind of artistic products but also represent the achievements of artists, sculptors in different periods. They merge various artistic achievements into a whole and manifest the fancies and beliefs of different people. On the plate, the design of people who are worshipped can easily be seen. Collection of artistic plates is not only the accumulation of Chinese artistic achievements but also the protection of cultural legacy.
  Seeking for beauty is the native ability for human being. With the development of the society, the kinds and amount increased step by step. The technical level was improved too. The texture of artistic plate include ceramics, metal, wood, lacquer, stone, chemical resources and so on. The veins on the plate are also of various kinds, such as people, animals, plants, scenery, characters, etc.
  By appreciating artistic plates, you can not only know the knowledge about history, geography, biology, literature, religion, traditions and the making of artistic plates, but also improve your ability in appreciating. So it is a good choice for people to regard collecting artistic plates as a hobby or relaxation in their spare time.
  Collecting artistic plates is a kind of investment which can not only accumulate wealth but also make an increment. Some plates became more and more expensive as time went by, including old plates and those made by famous artists. Some plates which were made to memorize great events were cheap but limited. With the passage of time, they became less and unavailable, so the price increased accordingly. Nowadays some commemorative plates were used as gifts and collected by different people.
  Various measures, effective preservation, research and appreciation are needed when collecting ceramic plates so as to bring their value into play.

  1. Various ways are needed when collecting artistic plates.
The production and distribution of ceramic plates vary according to time and places. The fact is always like this: in the ceramic research base, you can find quite a lot artistic plates. Some products made by famous artists can only be bought in special stores or exhibition halls. The old ones, on the other hand, can be found in antique market. So if you want to by some satisfactory plates, you'd better go to the ceramic base or the antique market. Besides, you can also turn to your relatives or friends.

  2. Effective preservation of artistic plates.
After collecting the plates, you should make a general list first, then save related data and set the document. In order to easily appreciate the plates, you should display your plates as many as possible according to the time, kind, design, size and so on.

  3. Publicize and communicate for appreciation together
Collection of artistic plates should not be limited to collectors themselves. It should be shared by different people as many as possible. So exhibition is the best way for communication. My artistic plates have been publicly displayed for three times and won high reputation each time. So the plates became memorable ones nowadays.
  In order to improve my ability in appreciating and collecting, I began to subscibe collections from 1993 so as to learn the knowledge about the production and decoration of such ceramic plates.
  4. Set up collecting organization and exhibition.
In May 1998, Shandong Arts and Crafts of Plates Committee was founded. The committee members include researchers, collectors, plate lovers and those who sell artistic plates. My exhibition hall for artistic plates was founded in March 2002 which includes more than 2500 artistic plates and their related data.