ˇˇˇˇChinese ceramic industry is more flourishing from the latter period of the Qing Dynasty to the early period of the Republic of China. The official ware revives again. The light crimson and new famille rose make delightful achievement, the famous craftsmen who make redware in Yixing and the glaze in Shiwan appear constantly and the naissance of the "Wucai" in Liling is the most conspicuous.
ˇˇˇˇChinese traditional decorative ceramics are divided into two types. One is on-glaze decoration which is rich and beautiful in color but is wearing. The other is under-glaze decoration which only has blue-and-white and underglaze red. As a result, these can not display the colorful ceramic pigment. As to the "Wucai" in Liling, it has not only colorful decoration but also has a rich expressive force in the change of color caused by furnace transmutation.
ˇˇˇˇThe underglaze "Wucai" in Liling has two styles of Chinese picture and western picture, which include all the colors and each color has the distinction between heaviness and lightness, warmness and coldness. As a result, it is heavy but not worldly, light but not stiff which is a great pioneering work at that time. Some wokrs, such as mountain and water pictures, are very bold and forceful in color, which is very difficult to adopt three skills of the impressionism.
ˇˇˇˇBut it is very regrettable that the production of the underglaze "Wucai" in Liling is stopped in 1930s. The existing works,therefore, is becoming rarer and rare, very costful.

˘Ů Underglaze "Wu Cai" Vase Made in Liling with the Design of Flowers and Birds In the third year of Xuan Tong, the Qing Dynasty, this work received gold medal in exposition in Panama in 1915.
˘Ú Underglaze "Wu Cai" Vase with the Design of Pines and cranes in the Period of Xuan Tong, the Qing Dynasty This work adopted traditional skill of Chinese drawing of flowers and birds in order to make the picture simple and graceful. The whole body is glazed with light celadon glaze and " The Ceramics Industry Company Hunan" was engraved at the end of the vase.As a result, it is a representative of underglaze "Wu Cai" made in Liling.
˘Ű Underglaze "Wu Cai" with the design of peacock and peony in the years of Xuan Tong, the Qing Dynasty The heavy and bright color, the proper and harmonious match, which makes a favonian picture by the design of peony, peacock and beautiful lines. This picture is full of festiveness.
˘Ü Underglaze "Wu Cai" Teatray with the design of mountain and water This picture adopted traditional skill of Chinese mountain-and-water picture with the glaze of blue, green, brown and yellow etc. We can see the skill of roughness in the western picture. The picture is very dynamic under the shine of sun.
˘Ý Underglaze green ceramic plate with the design of mountain and water in the end of the Qing Dynasty It is treasured by Ceramic Research Institute Hunan Province.