My collection of UN-used ceramics






"underglaze wucai plum" tea sets (eleven pieces)

kettle: height 9.6cm cup: height (without lid) 7.5cm, diameter:9.3cm




  When I was married in 1979, my father-in-law gave me eleven pieces of tea sets named "underglaze wucai plum". Then I put it in the cabinet for decoration for more than ten years.
  On one evening of 1997, while watching TV, I saw the whole process of auction for artistic works in Hunan province by chance. The "7501 royal porcelain" showed on TV reminded me of my tea sets collected long ago. On the following day, I took them out and found that they were just the same as "7501 royal porcelain" from the aspects of the sense of reality and veins. So I bought a book and then made a detailed contrast between the two kinds of tea sets. They are so alike in the glaze color, sense of reality, whiteness and veins. But what made me surprise was that 7501 porcelain was fired by Jingdezhen kiln and marked with "made in Jingdezhen", which was not found on my tea sets. Besides, there is little difference between them in the shape. What is more, the branches of the plum in "7501" stretches leftward while mine is just the opposite. Although my tea sets do not belong to "7501" porcelain, I still believe that they are different from common daily-used ceramics. But all remain unknown.
  My father-in-law worked in Zhuzhou before who likes collecting ceramics. It happens that Liling kiln locates in Zhuzhou where royal ceramics were made. But that is only my guess. It was not until my seeing of an article about royal ceramics did I realize that my tea sets are ceramics used by UN.  
  China's entry into the UN in 1971 is a historical event at that time. So experts in Liling devoted themselves in making the ceramics used by UN. These tea sets include eleven pieces all together. The basal parts of the four cups were fully glazed and the kettles all have ring feet. Generally speaking, the tyre of the tea sets are white and exquisite, the surfaces are smooth and bright. The plums and bamboos on the tea sets are not only lifelike but elegant in style.
  Since 1997, "7501 porcelain" was frequently auctioned which surprised the world. As we all know, China is rich in ceramics. What matters is the mutual amalgamation and penetration between different ceramics so as to flourish the ceramic field.




"underglaze wucai plum" tea sets (eleven pieces)

plate: diameter 14.8cm
Cup: diameter 8.3cm, height 7.3cm

height (with lid) 17.7cm
Height(without lid) 15.2cm