Reference for Ceramics Collection

  While collecting ancient ceramics, there must be something you should know just like collecting other cultural relics. If you follow this rule, you will benefit a lot and experience the pleasure during your collection. If not, trouble will inevitably emerge. So lovers for collection should consider such things as following:

  First of all, you should choose the right direction for collection. If your collection solely aims to research and study and gain satisfaction from it, you may begin with pieces of ceramics and flawed ones. If you use them for view and display, then artistic ceramics are your best choice. If you regard ceramics as your investment, you should pay more attention to it, because there are so much fake ones in the market.

  Secondly, is your consistent desire for knowledge. The history for ancient ceramics is so long that it must be rich in content. This is also the strong power for people to seek for the knowledge and make further research. Only through hard work and consistent spirit can you improve your ability in appreciating ceramics and become a cognoscente gradually.
  Thirdly, you should realize that both your body and soul will benefit from your collection. It is important for you to keep a sound mind. You should always be happy whether you gain or lose during your collection. That is the key point.

Ming Dynasty,XuanDe period,JingDeZhen.Blue and white vase with
design of dragon and lotus

  Besides, the greatest pleasure consists in your sharing of the ceramics with your friends. It is always necessary for you to communicate with them about your feelings during your collection so that you will both improve your ability in this field.

Ming Dynasty,XuanDe period,JingDeZhen.Blue and white covered bowl with design of peony scrolls

  What is more, the success of collection lies in one's ablity in appreciating. For a green hand, one should learn from books and other people. It is also important for you to pay attention to various characteristics of fake ceramics and then make a comparison between them. Then you will gain a lot in ceramic field through your hard work and your further study.