Lovely White Glazed Plum Vase

It is an official ware produced in the Jingdezhen, used for the sacrifice in the palace. The vase has a small mouth, a short neck, two swelling shoulders and a ring foot . Near the bottom of the vase, the lines slightly turn to the outside. The whole body is glazed with white, decorated with peonies winding on the twig. This kind of white glaze has obvious distinction with the Chinese early Ding ware and Xing ware in sense of color, because the glaze has been elutriated carefully. With the smallest content of iron and the higher firing temperature, the surface of the glaze is very fine and smooth, just like a white jade and the layer of glaze is quite thick, as piles of fat, which gives people a feeling of sweet. As a result, it is called "sweet white". On the body of the vase, the peonies winding on the twig are partly hidden and partly visible through careful observation, which is very beautiful.