Five-colored Mandarin Duck Vase with Lotus Design

  It is a piece of furnishing used in the royal court. It has a garlic-shaped straight mouth, a long neck, a round belly and a short ring foot. The edge of the mouth is engraved with " made in the years of Wan Li in the Ming Dynasty" in a blue-and-white regular script style. The shape of this vase comes from a kind of garlic-shaped kettle that is used before the Han Dynasty. In the Song Dynasty, this kind of kettle has been produced and it becomes more and more popular in the years of Wan Li in the Ming Dynasty. The whole body is decorated with five colors, such as red, yellow, green, brown, purple and many other colors. There is scepter border engraved on the mouth with winding flowers on the inner part and the tassel pattern on the outer surface. There are cave stones, butterflies, dragonflies and chrysanthemum designs engraved on the neck. The design that three pairs of mandarin ducks are swimming in a lotus-pond is decorated on the belly. At all around, there are blooming lotus flowers, duckweeds, reeds and sparrows serving as a foil. The three pairs of mandarin ducks are vivid in form, natural in creation and rich in color.


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