Porcelain glaze

Blue glaze
Brown and Purple glaze
Cracked glaze
Furnace transmutation glaze




Originally, crack is a kind of natural crack phenomena belonging to the cover coat of the porcelain. There are two causes: one is that the array of molecule is affected because the body slip extends a certain direction when modeling. The other is that the swell factor of the body is different from the glaze because the shrink rate is different between firing and cooling. Therefore, crack is a shortcoming during the course of firing. But the cracked glaze made according to the rule of crack becomes a kind of special decoration. The products can be found at Ru kiln, official kiln and Ge kiln. The crack is also called ice crackle. According to the color, it is divided into eel blood, spun gold iron line and light yellow fish-roe crazing. According to the shape, it is divided into pattern cracking, plum cracking, fine crushing cracking and so on.




Imitation Ge kiln glazed "chujizun" with scepter border ears (Yongzheng)



Hundred-fold crackles




  Hundred-fold crackles, one kind of ice crackle, has dense grains and finely-broken cracks. The name is derived from Ge kiln, the Song dynasty and it is continued to use after imitated Ge kiln by Jingdezhen kiln.




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