Yixing Painted Pottery Craft Factory
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    Yixing Painted Pottery Craft Factory is a factory that specializes in producing modern artistic painted pottery and red ware wine bottle. With 46 years history and continuous development, the factory enjoys great fame in ceramic field.

    Located in the intersection of 104 national road and Huayuan road, Dingshu town, Yixing city, the transportation condition of the factory is very convenient. The factory covers an area of 80,000 square meter. It owns employees over 1200, fixed asset over 30,000,000 RMB, yearly sale over 50,000,000 RMB. There are five main intelligent departments including sale, plan, finance, production and quality control department. Also the factory has two research institutes and six plants.

    The main products of the factory are modern artistic painted pottery, red ware wine bottle, pottery dinner pot, red ware garden pot and daily-use pottery, five series over 1000 kinds. Among all of above, modern artistic painted pottery belongs to state-protective traditional craft arts. Having the advantages of unique craft, beautiful shape, novel decoration, good quality and naturally fake prevention, red ware wine bottle is a new fashionable product of wine package. It is the preferred new package of a lot of famous wines such as Maotai, Gujing gongjiu, Luzhou laojiao, Langjiu and Mengguwang, etc. and is widely accepted and praised by over 20 famous wine factories.

    The factory has become the largest production base of red ware wine bottle in China. Red ware dinner pot have great variety, various glaze colors. All kinds of colorful glazed flowerpots are deeply loved by customers of Europe, Australia and North America.

    With strong technology power, advanced equipments, complete test method, the factory has over 400 professionals, 8 advanced kilns and over 50 test equipments, which can meet various need of ceramic production.

    Attaching great importance to technology, we keep on developing¡ª¡ªover 20 kinds of new products were put into market every year.