Linzhou Drying Equipment Co., Ltd.
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     Our factory was established in 1980. Based on importing foreign advanced drying technology, the factory was the first that developed and manufactured high-speed centrifugal spray dryer, pressure-type spray dryer and vibrated-fluidized bed dryer etc. Our factory was regarded as ¡°The factory that attach great importance to contract and credit¡± and has won the honor by ministry many times. 

     In 1993, our factory established the joint venture with the ministry of Forestry named Linzhou Drying Equipment Co., Ltd., which includes Linzhou dryer factory, Linzhou research institute of drying technology. Our company has long-time technical cooperation relationship with Chinese Science Academy, Tianjin research institute of chemical engineering, Chinese Forestry Academy, Nanjing research institute of chemistry and forestry and Dalian University of Science and technology.

     Our factory occupies 30,000 square meters and possesses RMB11,800,000 fixed assets. There are 185 workers, 33 persons of which are professional technicians. The yearly output reaches RMB 30,000,000.  The ¡°Tangling¡± brand spray dryers are sold well all over the country. Some of them are exported to the USA, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand and Hongkong etc. They are widely used in chemical industry, light industry, food, medicine, bio-chemical industry, dyestuff, ceramics, fine chemical industry and forestry, etc.

     Our factory follows the spirit: ¡°High quality, high efficiency, pursue reality, dedication¡±. Welcome any firms and enterprises to our factory to make good relationship and create perfect prospect.

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