Majiayao culture: (3190 B.C.-1715 B.C.) It developed from Yangshao culture and mainly distributed in Gansu and northeast Qinghai. It centered in areas of Zhao River, Daxia River, middle and the lowest reaches of Huang Water. It could be classified into several kinds according to different time and district. The porcelains were all artificial products and the primary ceramic texture was red pottery. The firing temperature was 760 to1050 centigrade. The styles of porcelain were bowl, earthed bowls, dish, pot, kettle, urn, Dou, Yu, Zun and so on. Decorated pottery was prosperous at that time. There were geometry pattern, bird pattern, frog pattern, human face pattern, calabash pattern, weave pattern, shellfish pattern etc. There were also gritty pottery decorated by rope pattern, parallel pattern, fold line pattern and so on. The kilns were mostly shaft kilns.

Painted pottery pot with whirlpool pattern